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Hverfjall Mt.

Guesthouse - Camping - Pizzeria

Accommodation in the heart of Myvatn!

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About Us

Vogar Travel Service is a small family run business located in a beautiful Mývatn Area. We opened our guesthouse in 1992. At the moment we have 20 rooms with shared bathroom, 8 rooms with private bathroom and a big camping ground. We run a pizzeria as well, where all of our guests can enjoy delicious pizzas with 15% discount.  Daddi‘s pizza is a small, family-run pizzeria, located by lake Mývatn, founded in 2009.

The name is not a misspelling of the English word „Daddy“ as many might think. The name is actually a nickname for the Icelandic name Þórhallur, which is one of the owners of the company!


At Vogar Travel Service, we offer various types of accommodation.

In our offer we have rooms with shared facilities with access to a large fully equipped kitchen. We also have rooms with private bathrooms, ensuring greater comfort and privacy.

We are a self check in guesthouse!



Our campground is famous for its great location and facilities. All guests have access to the indoor kitchen and dining area, hot showers and wifi are included in the price. Our guests appreciate peace and quiet and a beautiful view of the nearby mountains.


At Daddi's Pizza we serve mouth-watering, delicious pizzas from our secret recipe. Try the local topping – smoked trout from Lake Mývatn or Icelandic lamb. A special culinary experience!

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Get in Touch

Vogar, 660 MývatnIceland  /  Tel. +354 464 4399

Thank you for contacting us!

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