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Horse Riding in the Myvatn Area

Updated: Feb 26

In the Myvatn area, various horseback riding tours are offered, each providing a unique and memorable experience. Here are some types of horseback tours you can enjoy in Myvatn:

1 .Scenic Lake Myvatn Ride [Available: Mid-May to Mid-October]:

  • Explore the picturesque landscapes surrounding Lake Myvatn on horseback.

  • Ride through pseudocraters, lava formations while enjoying panoramic views.

2. Frozen Lake Riding Experience [Available: February to April]:

  • During the winter months, experience the thrill of riding on the frozen surface of Lake Myvatn.

  • Enjoy the unique sensation of gliding across the icy expanse with your Icelandic horse.

3. Springtime Rides [Available: April to Mid-May]:

  • In the spring, when the landscape is coming to life, take adapted rides in the vicinity of the farm.

  • Experience the rejuvenation of nature as you ride through blooming vegetation and vibrant scenery.

4. Private Riding Tours:

  • Enjoy a personalized horseback riding experience with private tours.

  • Tailor the ride to your preferences, whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider.

If you're eager to embark on a horseback riding adventure in the captivating landscapes of Myvatn, we invite you to explore the offerings on the Safari Hestar website. For more details and to reserve your unforgettable horse riding experience, visit their website at: Safari Hestar - Horse Rental

About Icelandic Horses

Icelandic horses are known for their unique characteristics that set them apart from other horse breeds. Here are some distinctive features of Icelandic horses:

1. Five Gaits: Icelandic horses have a natural ability to perform five different gaits. In addition to the typical walk, trot, and canter/gallop, they have two unique gaits: the tölt and the flying pace. The tölt is a smooth, four-beat gait, providing a comfortable and ground-covering ride. The flying pace is a fast, lateral gait where both legs on one side move together.

2. Sure-Footedness: These horses are exceptionally sure-footed and can navigate challenging terrains with ease. Their sturdy build and strong hooves make them well-suited for the diverse landscapes of Iceland, including lava fields, rocky trails, and uneven terrains.

3. Adaptability to Harsh Conditions: Icelandic horses have evolved in Iceland's harsh climate, developing a thick double coat to withstand cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Their ability to thrive in challenging environments makes them resilient and well-adapted to the Icelandic landscape.

4. Compact Size: Icelandic horses are relatively small in stature compared to some other horse breeds. Their compact size, however, contributes to their agility and manoeuvrability, allowing them to navigate narrow trails and rough terrains effectively.

5. Friendly and Social Nature: Icelandic horses are known for their friendly and sociable personalities. They often form strong bonds with their riders and are known for their gentle demeanor, making them suitable for riders of various skill levels, including beginners and children.

6. Long Lifespan: Icelandic horses have a longer lifespan compared to many other horse breeds. With proper care, they can live well into their twenties or even thirties, allowing for enduring relationships between the horses and their owners.

7. Unique Genetic Isolation: Iceland has maintained strict regulations to prevent the introduction of foreign horse breeds, ensuring the genetic purity of Icelandic horses. This isolation has contributed to the preservation of the breed's unique characteristics over centuries.

The combination of these factors makes Icelandic horses a distinct and cherished breed, not only in Iceland but also among horse enthusiasts worldwide.



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